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Title: Read Before You Post!
Post by: Hanna on June 04, 2007, 02:55:07 PM
Posts violating the rules will be removed and repeat offenders may lose their posting privileges.
We want you to share what you have for sale, but it's hard to sell your items if your post is deleted. :)

1. Use the same posting name consistently. One name per household. Anyone posting ads under more than one name will lose posting privileges.
2. Remember to include your email address / contact details.
3. Do not post the same item more than once a day.
4. Do not post the same item on more than one board.
5. Do not use fonts larger than size 12pt or "3".
6. All items must have a set price which is listed in the ad.
7. All items offered for sale must be listed. Please do not invite people to email you for a list of items and/or prices.
8. Do not type your subject line in ALL CAPS or with a lot of !!!!!!!!!!! and ********* or other attention getting devices.
9. Do not post fundraisers and/or requests for donations.
10. Please do not post for someone else. Doing so will result in both parties permanently losing posting privileges

PinoyPetFinder respects the privacy of guests and has zero tolerance for anyone harvesting email addresses posted on our site in order to send out spam in the form of unsolicited commercial email. If you harvest emails from our site and send spam to our guests, formal complaints will be filed with your ISP and any websites/companies involved. If you receive an unsolicited email from someone who you think got your email from our site, please let us know so we can investigate and take action.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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Pinoy Pet Finder is NOT related to and does NOT endorse any product or service being advertised.

Pinoy Pet Finder will not be liable for any losses or damages you may incur resulting from personal dealings in the forum..
We do not guarantee the credibility and integrity of any member in any way. Transact at your own risk.