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Author Topic: Trader System - Leave Feedback  (Read 1350 times)
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« on: August 23, 2007, 07:14:09 PM »

“What is the meaning of this attribute ‘Trade Count: (Number)’? I see this with many people. Still mine is zero. How can I increase this?”

Since I consider iTrader as one of the excellent additions here in Pinoy Pet Finder (especially for the regulars in the Classified Ads section), I decided to do some research and came up with a small Trader FAQ (to be updated as the need arises):

• What is Trader?
Trader is like a reputation for trading. It is an eBay Style Feedback for the Classified Ads section in this forum that was implemented by Hanna (August 14, 2007). Grin

With this tool, users can rate each other or give feedback after specific transactions held at the Classified Ads section. You can also leave a negative or positive feedback for people that you have done business with.

• What does the number beside the Trade Count stand for?
The number you see near the "Trade Count" indicates the number of successful or completed business transactions (as a buyer, seller or both) that you have made in the Classified Ads section. Consequently, the higher your Trade Count is, the higher the positive transactions you have completed.

To view more information, feedback comments, and what category the user is (buyer, seller, or both), click on the number beside the user’s “Trade Count”.

• How do I find out how many Trader points I have or someone else has?
It also shows when looking at a user's profile.

Moreover, you can manually visit a specific user's Trader by viewing their public profile.

• How do I get one?
First, you should be able to participate in the Classified Ads forum.

Then you need to be able to finish or complete a business transaction (as a buyer or seller). Keep in mind that a deal needs to take place because the URL of the thread has to be indicated when giving a feedback. Once this is done, you can then ask the person you dealt with for a feedback (or if that person is nice, he/she will automatically provide you with a feedback after the transaction). That person can either give you a positive or negative feedback depending on how good or bad your transaction was.

• How do I give one?
Similar with getting a rating, you need to be able to finish or complete a business transaction first (as a buyer or seller) to be able to give one. Once this is done, you can then leave a positive or negative feedback to the person you dealt with by following these steps:

1) Click the Trade Count number of the member you want to give feedback to.

2) On the destination page of the Trade Count number, click the “Submit Feedback For XXX” (XXX stands for the username).

3) You will then see the page below. Fill up the form accordingly. Make sure that you really participated in the Deal thread URL you placed in this form. The Additional comments field is not necessary but will help the recipient to know where he/she should improve, etc.

Once you have completed this form, click on the “Submit Reply” button to send your Feedback.

4) Feedback given!
Depending on your feedback (negative or positive), you will see a number change in the Feedback Score of the user you gave rating to. The short comment you placed on the form above will also appear under the “Rating Summary” table, along with your username and your part in the business transaction (buyer or seller).


You will also see this change in the Trade Count number of the user you’ve given feedback to when you view any of his/her post.


• How many times can I give or receive feedbacks in a day?
You can give out as many as you want. But, once you make sure you can provide a valid URL.

• Other helpful information
You can give feedback to multiple people in the same thread you posted – provided a deal or sale was made with each person, and that person replied in that thread (not made through PM). If no business transaction occurred and you still give them feedback, it can result in a ban.

Also, to prevent a user from inflating someone else's feedback, if a user posts another feedback for the same user, only the first one is credited towards their total score.


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« on: August 23, 2007, 07:14:09 PM »

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