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Author Topic: LOOKING FOR PARVAID (local dealers)  (Read 5025 times)
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« on: February 19, 2010, 08:33:19 AM »

This is a herbal remedy for parvo virus, please ...anyone...inform me where i can buy locally ... i had to order online sa states, next week pa dadating, kung meron dito local dealer please please please inform me....para this weekend mainom na ng pup ko.  my chow puppy is really sick...Day 7 na sha infected with Parvo and Corona, confined sa Animal House....

I wish wala na sa atin ang makakaranas ng ganito, it's both devastating to owner and dog.  I have ordered Parvaid na online, since the the vet ruled out Tamiflu and Colloidal Silver.

Sa mga gusto mag read up on Parvaid and all about treating the disease, here's a link for all of you, it's a 109 page e-book on Parvo Emergency treatment.  Download and save para may reference kayo if necessary....

Below is a detailed account of his health background para may idea kayo...

Galing ako sa Animal House Makati to update King's condition and bond with him by brushing his now thinning coat and play with his toys that I left with him.  I initially wanted to restrain muna from telling my story dahil gulong gulo ako sa nangyari kay King since it's my first time to deal with a pet having this disease, I've been focusing and monitoring his health talaga for the past several days.   

My family and I have been dog lovers for ages and ngayon lang namen naencounter ang ganitong life threatening disease.  Sa sobrang alaga namen sa aso, I don't remember us ever having worm problems with our dogs.   Thanks talaga to all of you who have responded through this thread and PMd me with encouraging words of comfort.

King was born Dec. 30, 2009 and since ni-release sha sa akin ng Feb. 10, that makes him exactly 6 weeks old when he was given to me.  When I first saw King 2 weeks before I got him, he was the last one left available.  He was small pero ewan ko ba, when I saw him, I liked him right away, yung tipong ang sarap nya alagaan coz he's so small so I took the chance. 

We didn't talk about a health guarantee or anything pero that's only because I assumed hindi siguro ako bebentahan ng puppy na hindi healthy since matino naman na humarap ang breeder sa akin.  I made a deposit of one thou and paid the entire balance 2 days after with a P 200 cab fare fee to deliver King to me on Feb. 10 sa Makati.

I remember my brother and I asking the breeder a couple of times kung wala ba talagang issue na makukuha namen ng 6 weeks , we were assured na ok lang kasi ganon naman daw nakasanayan sa kennel nya since by the time he releases animals, nagsosolid food naman daw by that time at may shots na. 

So come Feb. 10, I get the puppy, I was supposed to bring him to the vet para mag check up pero hindi ko na dinala kasi I was given a vaccine record na nag shot si King ng Leptoferm C-I and for Parvo/ distemper nung Feb. 3.  His next vaccine would have been Feb. 17 and March 3.  I was given a tablet for deworming na i-administer ko sana on the day I brought King na to the clinic on Feb. 13.

King was really ok the first two days, eating fine, ok ang urine, solid ang pupu.  Romps in the garden were short and supervised.  He was mostly indoors lang during the 2 full days he was with me.  Come Friday afteroon (Feb. 12) late afternoon, napansin ko na baket lumalambot pupu.  That time I mixed a little orijen with his usual Beef Puppy Pro for his evening meal so akala ko dahil sa change in food brand. 

I stayed up late that night, umabot na sa 1 am Saturday morning (Feb. 13), biglang nag pupu na si King ng water, blood and worms.  I was so shocked grabe to see wriggling worms.  At the first discharge, ayun, sinugod ko na sa Animal House ng madaling araw and the rest is history.  Kung siguro hindi natulog si King sa room ko, at tulog ako and morning ko na sha nakita, siguro tepok na chow ko.

So I inform the breeder first thing in the morning, actually nung madaling araw nagtext na ako.  He was super surprised to find out na baket nagkaganon, I wanted to kick myself for being so stupid on bathing King kasi he told me malamang nag wear off yung 5-in-1 vaccine kasi nastress sa pagpaligo ko sa kanya ng warm bath.  Eh sabi ko hindi naman ako sinabihan na hindi pwede, the one who delivered to me told me ok lang basta warm water.  Plus I read somewhere bathing was no issue kasi medyo nakaka tulong pa daw to cleanse and take off whatever eggs or bacteria that remains sa anal area nya when he makes pupu.

I was so devastated to hear the vet tell me positive si King for Parvo and Corona.  Yung tester for that is like the preggy test kit for humans kaya makikita agad resulta.  Sabi ng breeder paano nagkaroon ng parvo eh updated daw ang vaccine ng puppies nya and wala naman daw may parvo sa kennel.  Mas lalo naman on my end.   Since wala naman daw namatay sa kennel nya or nadiagnose na may parvo, sana lang talaga mag survive aso ko.

He said something about willing sha mag refund kung namatay si King due to "worms", pero kung dahil sa Parvo, he maintains na wala kasi ibang animals nya ang merong Parvo kaya palitan nalang daw ng isa pang chow kung mamatay man si King.  Sabi ko I don't think I can handle another dog kasi na-trauma na ako, I'm gunning for a refund talaga if King does not make it.

Our old dogs are perfectly healthy plus King showed clinical signs of Parvo 2 days after I got him, Parvo having an incubation period of 7-14 days prior to any signs or symptoms that will eventually appear.  Nagulat pa ako when the vet told me the vaccine King had was self-administered lang kasi walang pirma ng vet ang vaccine record ni King.  Sabi ko sa sarili ko, malamang sanay na ang breeder sa pag administer ng vaccines kasi ang mahal nga naman kung ipinavet nya lahat ng animals sa kennel. 

Sa point na yan, it was useless na to point fingers kasi mula noon, mapa hanggang ngayon, my main focus and concern is to keep King alive.  Fast forward to now.  It's Day 7 of King's battle.  Naiiyak ako to see my little pup fighting so hard.  The mere fact na somebody so small and fragile and so young, to survive Parvo and Corona this long is a miracle na. 

I got my hopes up after the 4th day kasi sabi nila kung grabe talaga, tepok na sana.  I visit King twice a day, everyday.  It's a major effort to look happy when I see him.  Minsan I bring his brush to brush him para maalala nya how pampered he was during the 2 days he was with me at home.  It's crazy na naka bond kami in 2 days but I felt we did   Nagdala na ako last time ng Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar para i-force feed sa kanya after mealtimes of force feeding. Tapos kanina I brought yogurt, yakult and cottage cheese para isama sa diet nya.

Naiiyak ako kasi the news today isn't good.  Hindi man nag vomit, nagpupupu pa rin ng dark green/brown watery substance, minsan with blood.  And ayaw pa rin kumain.  Sabi ni doc wag ako masyadong umasa kasi ang liit nya at ang bata nya, malamang yung worms nag ta-travel around his body kasi dapat nag sosolid food na sha by now daw kaso mukhang hindi maka heal heal ang bituka nya   

It's devastating not only for me but for King kasi my gosh, we've gone this far to survive.  King was still walking around sa examination table and I dread the day to see him slumped na.  It was horrible to hear na hindi na nila masaksak ang dextrose sa mga paa kasi bumubukol na, so sa neck na ilalagay ang karayom. Oh god. 

I asked about Tamiflu, colloidal silver and Parvaid.  His vet advised me against colloidal silver...something about complications since King is young and in critical condition.  Tamiflu daw they used it before sa ibang cases pero not applicable daw kay King kasi for prevention lang yun, which is not King's situation.  Yung Parvaid, I was surprised na he hasn't heard of it kaya I'm taking the chance with Parvaid and order from the States. 

My hope is, I hope King hangs on long enough when the medicine arrives.  Naawa na ako sa kanya knowing I can only do so much to make him better.  Gusto ko nanaman umiyak.  Not because I got an unhealthy puppy, but because no dog deserves to suffer from Parvo.  Grabe.  Weeks ago I was so happy waiting for my dog to arrive,  dalaga pa ako dream ko na mag alaga ng chow, now that I finally got the chance to own and care for one, ito pa ang nangyari.  I really looked forward to a new dog in the house tapos new friends pa from this forum.

King is taking the following via IV :

ammicillin, cimetidine, metocempranide, coforta, duphalite, metronidazole, vasolamin.

Via oral meds :

amox, metronidazole, nutrinet, ascorbic acid, cimetidine

I brought the following to supplement his force feed:

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Yakult

I placed now an order online for : Parvaid

So again...Please... anyone out there, can you please ask your vets kung ano ang chances ni King?  Or kung tama na itong meds?  I trust King's vet pero several more inputs from other vets wouldn't hurt.  It's King's Day 7, chances of recovery are slim since his intestines daw should have started healing and eating solid foods by now but I'm hanging on to a thin ray of hope.  We've gone this far, habang humihinga pa aso ko, I don't want to give up. 

King is thinner now than this picture I took days ago but I know he's trying to fight as well...Naiiyak ako seeing these pictures lalo na yung poking his head in one of the toys crrrry...Hang on sweetie...Mommy loves you..


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« on: February 19, 2010, 08:33:19 AM »

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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 08:48:40 PM »

i hope your pup has recovered na.

i had 2 experiences with parvo. first was a personal bred litter which contracted 6 pups on their 6th week of life. problem with parvo is, even if the complete vaccines are given, hindi ito 100% sure prevention since there are several strains.  fortunately malakas ang resistensya ng mga pups so they all survived and are all very healthy now (2 years old up na ata sila ngayon).  my vet gave the usual medications to 1 pup that was severe (left in the clinic) and the rest i took care at home. ang miracle worker i think is the colloidal silver that was given to all the pups (which is a very good anti bacterial alternative).  

other experience is another pup (bought from a friend) which i think got the disease from the streets. got him out in the streets too early. unfortunately, he did not survive. i've read so much and learned so much about parvo. bottomline, it's the type of strain and the pups natural resistance that will decide given that he/she is given the right amount of TLC and medication. fortunately, the breeder gave me a refund kahit wala syang pagkukulang (hindi ko pa sya friend that time). sobrang bait at understanding ng breeder and so he became a very good friend na din Smiley

ive read about parvaid. walang meron nyan dito since its not clinically proven but i was willing to ship in also during that time. i was hoping someone would have this here para may alternative na medication.

regarding the breeder who sold you the pup, i dont think he has any fault and i dont think he knows how parvo is contracted. give him the benefit of the doubt na lang.

I really hope your baby's recovered na.

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« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2010, 09:54:59 PM »

ang cute na chow  tinamaan sya ng parvo its a sad thing  how yuor chow ngayon 
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« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2010, 02:10:17 AM »

I really hope King makes it. But if it's 7 day I think he can  survive, he seems to be fighting hard.
He surely contracted it in his breeder since 2nd day he got sick. (Incubation is 14 days)

First off..breeders shouldn't even released the pup that young, 6 weeks is too young by then he just got his first shots (which won't take effect at 5 days to 2 weeks)
Personally I prefer to release pups at 12 weeks (3 mos) after their shot at their 3rd month immunity is stronger because wala na yun effect ng colostrum (which is one main cause of vaccination failure)Bathing right after the shot (up to 1 week) is not recommended but it certainly would not cause vaccination failure.
I would also suggest you disinfect your place too with bleach and water solution (1:30 ratio)

Also vaccine brands are important because they are not the same.
Nobivac is the best one used, Phizer is also good
some brands are subjected to vaccination failure.


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