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Author Topic: FS: Insect eating plants, Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants starting at P250  (Read 14825 times)
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« on: January 18, 2012, 10:12:12 AM »

We are specialized on selling all kinds of carnivorous plants, like Venus  Fly-traps (Dionaea), sundews (Drosera) and Pitcher plants (Nepenthes  and Sarracenia). These plants are able to capture and digest  insects (ants, termites, roaches, mosquitoes) and in rare cases even  rodents and lizards.

 At the same time their beauty and  functionality is stunning and unlike orchids present year round, as the  spectacular traps are their regular leafs - no need to wait for their  flowers. They are perfect for table decorations in restaurants or hotels  or as center pieces in landscaping. These plants will always attract  the interest of people.

 The Philippines has a perfect  climate to grow many of these plants (esp Nepenthes!) without a technical setup.  Usually a bright growing area and preferably rain water/exposure and a  coco based soil is all you need.

 ALL our sales plants are artificially  propagated and expertly grown by a renowned horticultural  scientist with utmost dedication to preserve their declining  natural habitats. This is the key mission of our nursery!  Beware of carnivorous plants sold on some markets, which are pulled out  for fast profit from the last remaining forests and very likely to die  as they have broken roots.

 We are based in Bukidnon, but ship  the plants via LBC 24 hours anywhere in the Philippines -  which is more convenient and possibly cheaper than crossing Manila from  North to South . Shipping is P250 regardless how many plants. NEW: Free shipping on order P2500+

 For the P250 plant price mentioned in this ad you have the choice  between Venus Flytrap, N. Dyeriana,  N. Rebecca Soper, N. Gentle, Sarracenia Judith Hindle, S. Scarlet Belle  or S. purpurea (Nepenthes Miranda is P350 because it's already very large). Please note that these are still young plants  (diameter/height 5-30cm, depending on species).
 For the serious  collector we have MANY more species for sale. just visit

You can order online, or call/text to +63 912 9492800 or e-mail. Our signal is low here, therefore I prefer to be contacted through e-mail:
Make sure to include the dash between pitcher and plants and that plants is plural. Most of your questions will be answered on already, where you will find an FAQ.

Venus Flytrap

Nepenthes Gentle

Nepenthes Miranda

Nepenthes Rebecca Soper

Nepenthes Dyeriana

Sarracenia Judith Hindle

Sarracenia Scarlet Belle (close up of small plant)

Sarracenia purpurea
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« on: January 18, 2012, 10:12:12 AM »

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