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Author Topic: FS> Scorps ts and hedge  (Read 7051 times)
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Posting for a friend

Therea olegrandjeani/Question mark roaches

8 pcs nymphs - 1k
6 pcs juvies - 1k

Blaptica dubia 100 pcs mixed sizes (subadults, juvies and 10 pair of adults with gravid females and no nymphs!) - 500 php

Individual Pricing

Adult Female - 20 each
Adult Male - 10 each
Juveniles and Nymphs 50 pcs - 250 php

Diet: Beef Pro, Oat Meal, Stag Developer, Vegetables and fruits

Eublaberus prosticus(Orange Head Roaches) 40 pcs mixed sizes (subadult,juvies, nymphs, 5 pair adults with gravid females) - 500 php

Individual Pricing

Adult Gravid Female - 50 each
Adult Male - 30 each
Juveniles and Nymphs 20 pcs - 250 php

Diet: Beef Pro, Oat Meal, Stag Developer, Vegetables and fruits


x.x.x Heterometrus longimanus

6i-7i 400 each
7i-8i gravid 700 each

0.0.x Rhopalurus junceus

3nd instar - 300 each/ 3 pcs for 600

0.3.0 Parabuthus transvaalicus

7th instar male - 500 each fixed (last molt June 2011 1st week)
No Pictures Available pa

0.1.0 Centruroides gracilis (cuban morph)

6th to 7th instar female - 1k fixed

0.0.x Centruroides margaritatus

4th instar - 250 each/ 3pcs for 500
6th-7th instar gravid females - 1k

0.0.x Chaerilus rectimanus rare

2i - 500 each


0.0.4 Avicularia avicularia

3 -3.5 inches unsex/male 1.5k
3-3.5 inches female 2.5k

2.2.2 Cyclosternum fasciatum

around 3.5 inches female - 2k negotiable
around 4 inches male - 1.5k negotiable
Pair - 2.5k fix


0.1.x Brachypelma albopilosum

4.5-5 inches female - 2k
1-1.5 cm - 150 each/ 10 pcs for 1k


0.1 Chilobrachys huahini

6-7 inches female- 2.5k each

0.1.10 Nhandu chromatus

1.5 inches unsex - 700 each
4 inches females - 2.5k each

0.0.2 Brachypelma smithi around 2 inches unsex - 1.2k

0.1 Grammostola pulchripes Female 4-4.5 inches DLS 3k

0.1 Sericopelma rubronitens Female 7 inches - 5k

Breeding LOAN

MALE scorps that I have for loan

7i Parabuthus liosoma
7i Superstitionia donensis
7i Pandinus cavimanus
7i Tityus ecuadorensis
7i Tityus magnimanus
7i Andoctronus bicolor
7i Centruroides nitidus
5i Ortochirus scrobiculosus negebensis
7i Uroplectes triangulifer

MALE scorps that I need for loan

Rhopalurus junceus
Centruroides gracilis
Andoctronus australis

PM nalang muna for inquiries at medyo busy ngayon hindi ako makasagot nang call at hindi agad makapag reply.
Prices are negotiable
Open for trades to other inverts and Leopard Gecko
Please Include handle name when inquiring otherwise I might not reply
RFS - Para makapag looking for ako, bawas na rin nang population nang inverts
I reserved my right to refuse a deal.


Include ko na rin FS good for taming and breeder HEDGE


Package for pair : 2k - 3k each PAIR (cheaper than buying one)


Available hedge 2-3 months old

Algerian Choco males
Algerian Brown males
Algerian Gray males
Albino female

1.5k for female, 1k for male or 2k each pair, not related syempre kapag pair kinuha, very healthy and good for taming.


All FEMALES are good and ready for breeding

Algerian Choco Snowflakes(Chocochips) Female
6-7 months
Dam : Algerian Choco
Sire : Algerian Ruby Eyed Cinnicot
Price : 2.5k

Algerian Brown Female
6 months old
Dam : Cinnamon
Sire : Algerian Ruby Eyed Cinnicot
Price : 2.5k

Algerian Gray Female
6 months old
Dam : Cinnamon
Sire : Algerian Ruby Eyed Cinnicot
Price : 2.5k

Algerian Gray Snowflakes Female
6 months and 1 weeks old
Dam : Algerian Gray
Sire : Algerian Choco
Price : 2.5k

Available Male Ready for Stud

Dark Cinnicot Male
4 months old
Dam : Cinnicot
Sire : Champagne
Price : 2.5k

Algerian Choco Snowflakes(Choco Chip) Male
5 months and 3 weeks old
Dam : Algerian Choco
Sire : Algerian Ruby Eyed Cinnicot
Price : 2k

Sample Picture

All Healthy
Diet - Iams Catfood, Beef Pro, Boiled egg and chicken once a week)
Discount kapag more than 1 pair ang bibilin  or kung pick up sa SM Bacoor.
RFS - NEED space
Please include handle name when inquiring
Meet up - zapote, sm bacoor, cartimar
Pwde nyo pick up sa house para makita nyo ung parents


Philippine Hedgehog Association
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